Blackmores St John's Wort relieves nervous tension and anxiety

St John's Wort 90 Tablets Blackmores

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What it does:

Blackmores St John's Wort may be used for relief of nervous tension and anxiety. Blackmores St John's Wort is formulated to replicate the exact dose used in clinical trials where it was shown to be effective in relieving prolonged:

  • low mood or despondency
  • feeling of sadness and/or tearfulness
  • loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities
  • physical and emotional agitation or slowness
  • irritability and fatigue

Blackmores St John's Wort is a St Johns Wort supplement to help support healthy mood balance.

Blackmores St John’s Wort contains St John’s Wort which is traditionally used in Western Herbal medicine for relief of mild anxiety and nervous restlessness. When taken as directed, Blackmores St John’s Wort may help relieve temporary feelings of mild anxiousness and support healthy mood balance..

  • Traditionally used to help relieve mild anxiety and nervous restlessness
  • Helps relieve temporary feelings of mild anxiousness
  • Supports healthy mood balance

Blackmores St John’s Wort contains St John’s Wort to support healthy mood balance and helps relieve temporary feelings of anxiousness.

Investigation continues to determine how St John’s Wort works physiologically, and several mechanisms of action have been proposed. Although no single constituent of the plant can be considered to be responsible for the therapeutic action of the herb, hypericin (an oil-soluble anthraquinone glycoside) is considered to be an integral part of its action. The clinical studies showing that St John's Wort is an effective treatment for low mood or despondency, used an extract of the leaves, stems and flowers standardised to contain 0.33% of hypericin. Numerous clinical trials have shown that Hypericum (St John's Wort) is comparable in efficacy to prescription drugs, but with fewer side-effects. It is indicated for the treatment of anxietynervous tensionSAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), menopause-related anxiety, and may also be beneficial in restoring normal sleeping patterns.

What’s In It?

  • Hypericum perforatum (St John's wort) extract equivalent to dry flowering herb top 1.8g (standardised to contain hypericin derivatives 990 mcg)

Contains soya. If you are pregnant or breast feeding talk to your health professional before use. It is important to consult your health care professional before using if already taking antidepressant medication.

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