With a few exceptions, the body cannot synthesise vitamins; they must be supplied in the diet or in dietary supplements. To maintain health it is essential that we receive nutrients at an adequate level. Taking vitamins and minerals to supplement the diet is necessary as insufficient soil nutrient levels, poor digestion, age, stress and cooking/storage all deplete the nutrients from our food.

The multivitamin supplements below help to correct these deficiencies and also have benefical actions for our bodies to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Featuring Swisse preparations for Men, Women or Children + Blackmores Sustained Release Multi Vitamins and Minerals and organic alternative, Lifestream Spirulina

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~ A good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement should form the foundation of any health maintenance programme, Excellent formulations of vitamins and minerals are:

~ or you may prefer alternatives such as the organic microalgae products Lifestream Spirulina, :

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20 of 51 Items