Natural Factors Theracurmin Pain Relief Curcumin, Levagen & PEA anti-inflammatory analgesic relieves anxiety, pain, neuralgia & osteoarthritis joint pain

Theracurmin Pain Relief 60 Caps Natural Factors

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What it does:

Natural Factors Theracurmin Pain Relief is an analgesic that helps relieve pain, mild neuralgia and mild anxiety associated with pain.

Natural Factors Theracurmin Pain Relief anti-inflammatory formula combines highly bioavailable Theracurmin Curcumin and Levagen+ PEA. Theracurmin Pain Relief also helps to relieve mild joint pain associated with mild osteoarthritis.

What is in it?

Each vegetarian capsule contains:

  • Curcumin (as Theracurmin®) 30mg
  • Palmidrol (PEA) (as Levagen+®) 150mg

Do not use if you have pre-existing liver conditions. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. May interact with other prescription analgesic medicines. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Not to be used for more than 21 consecutive days. Contains maltose

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